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2017 Officers

President KB5SZJ Charles Grisham
Vice President KE5ETN Frank Buckley
Secretary KD5GWM Donna Harrison
Treasurer KG5IAX Ted Valentine


2017 Membership

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Smiley Faces

KB5VXG Beverly Avera
KE5ZBZ Hannah Boyette
KD5AOI Jack Boyette (Bubba)
KE5YWS Madison Boyette
KB4VXH Ronda Boyette
KE5YWU Ross Brewster
N5FKP Doug Brown
KE5ETN Frank Buckley
NO5C Dennis Carpenter
KB5VAD Gayla Carpenter
KF5ANK Kathrine Clark
KG5AVS CJ Caufield Facebook
Guest Annie Crimm
W5BX C.P. Crimm
WB5BNV Fred Gray
KB5SZJ Charlie Grisham
KD5GWM Donna Harrison
W5BRH Billy Heblon  
KF5NWL Mark Hill  
W5MAV Darrell Hover W5MAV's Page
KD5JYJ Debbie Hover Facebook
KF5QPY D'Lee Hutchison  
KF5IMF Fred Hutchison  
W5XX Malcolm Keown ARRL Section Manager
KL7SLM Scott McCormick  
KI6DES Shelly McCormick  
AE5FE Richard Moorefield Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Guest Otto Storr  
KF5MEG Debbie Swiger AD5OW/Ham Radio Station
AD5OW Jim Swiger AD5OW/Ham Radio Station
KE5YWW Charles Tinsley
KG5IAX Ted Valentine Treasurer
KF5MWE Gary White  
KE5YWV Jonathan Williams
KE5YWT Michael Williams
KB4VOG Wanda Wingo
WB4POP Ross Wingo