July 1996

Letter from Don
MARC Repeater Update

As you are probably aware of by now, the MARC is the proud owner of a new Yaesu Vertex repeater equipped with a Cat-300 controller. The full features of the new system are too numerous to mention all of them here. A couple of features we will discuss are the Autopatch and the Reverse Autopatch.

As of this time the club has elected to run the Autopatch as an open patch to all club members. To bring the patch up, simply enter * and go right into your number. Do not un-key until you have dialed your number. The repeater will read-back the number then it will connect. At the end of your patch enter # to disconnect. Don't forget to ID at the start and at the end of your patch!

Our full feature autopatch also has the capability of supporting 100 speed dial slots. As of this time we have about 11 slots assigned. If you would like one please contact WD5HLD. Most people have their home phone number assigned to their slot. To make a speed dial call to your slot or someone else just dial 6 plus the 2 digit speed dial slot number. As an example: If you wanted to place a speed dial call to me you would just dial 602 and the phone would ring at my home QTH. Notice that it does not require a * when you are using speed dial, just the 6 and a 2 digit slot number. Of course at the end of the call enter a # to disconnect.

The Reverse Autopatch is another feature we have. The Reverse Autopatch enables anyone who does not have access to a radio the capability of being able to call you by telephone and it will ring out on the air via the repeater. As an example: If Howard's XYL needs to talk to him and he is out in the car somewhere, she would call the repeater at 483-4888. After 1 ring she would hear a short tone, she would then enter the numbers 80005# The repeater would then announce on the air " Call for W5UTL". If Howard is listening and hears this he would then enter from his touch tone pad the number 800 and would be connected to the call on the phone. At the end of the call Howard would enter the patch down code of # and the call would be terminated. If you would notice, the last 2 numbers in the reverse autopatch code ( In Howard's case it's 05 ) is Howard's speed dial slot number. PRETTY SLICK HU ?

Please safeguard these control code numbers and don't give any of them out on the air. Reminder; We have lots of scanner listeners out there that could cause us a lot of problems with these numbers.

That's about all I have time for now, I will give everyone additional info on other features we have with this new system as soon as I can figure them out HI HI.

73 Don WD5HLD


Letters from all members are greatly appreciated. Thanks Don for this valuable and informative update. I would like to Thank Don and Roger for all their efforts in programming our new repeater. They have really done a wonderful job. I have heard comments from as far North as Scooba, Noxapater, and Philadelphia; East almost to Tuscaloosa; West to the Natchez Trace; South to Waynesboro & Dixie Mills. Fantastic! It is definitely receiving and transmitting much farther than our old repeater. Thanks to all who helped with the installation. Where are we going to put the old repeater? Come to the meetings and let us hear your suggestions.

Club meets every Saturday 10 A.M. at Queen City Truck Stop. All visitors and new members are welcome. Some folks come early for breakfast.

Don't forget to check into the Tuesday evening 2-meter net at 7 P.M. each week on 146.700. Any announcements, emergency traffic, or a simple hello and 73 can be passed along to others. Let us know how you are doing. Net controller is Bill KB5ASR. THANK HIM FOR A GREAT JOB.

Next testing session in Meridian will be in September for all who wish to upgrade their license.

You might like to listen for Shannon on the Mir Space Station ( ROMIR ) on 2 meter 145.550

President Report: Field Day was a great success. Thanks to all 15 operators who participated. We made 198 CW contacts, 140 SSB contacts for a total of 536 points. We also received bonus points for operating with less than 150 watts, operating on emergency power, publicity from the media, operating in a public facility, sending a field day message to our section manager, and coping the field day message from W1AW for a total of 1572 points. Thank you John for tracking our points for us. Thanks for the great fish, fun, and fellowship. We had a great turn out from the wife and kids making this a real good family affair. Please Thank Steve KC5THA, Tom KC5NNB, Steven, Debbie, and Chad for cooking the fish, fries, and hush puppies.

Secretary Report: Concerning the new digipeater in Rose Hill; The frequency is 145.71 with an antenna up 900 feet. This makes it easy to work packet direct to Jackson. The Central Mississippi Digital Radio Association
( CMDRA ) is responsible for this project. Contact Bill if you would be interested in joining this organization.

Treasurer Report
: Thanks to all who have made a contribution to the new repeater fund. However; We still need $241.94 more funding. This figure also reflects the cost of a box that had to be purchased to install the controller in. This brings the total cost of our new repeater so far to $1723.94. If anyone has any extra cash lying around, please mail your contributions to John Davis, 2215 28th Ave, Meridian, MS 39301.
If you have not paid your dues, please do so as soon as possible.


Raincoat Charlie (William Irwin, K3CQR of De Bary, Florida) was fined $500
After he admitted to the FCC that he was guilty of jamming signals of other hams on 14.315 MHZ.

A Georgia ham has decided to use Amateur Radios' participation in emergencies as a subject for her Master thesis, and she is asking for your help. Bella Romain, N4ILQ has decided to do an in-depth study into what motivates hams to risk their own lives to provide help to others. Since nobody has done such a study and she needs a topic for her thesis, she decided to combine the two into a single project that would benefit her as well as the Amateur Radio service as well. If you would like to become a part of this project, drop a note to: Bella Romain, N4ILQ, 285 Timber Ridge Trail, Carrollton, Georgia 30117.

The use of our 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands are being threatened for commercial use by low - earth orbit satellites for the purpose of paging and other low-data-rate message services. Written comments, with an original plus one copy, should be sent to : Office of the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554. Each comment should include at the top, "Reference No. ISP-96-005" and " Advisory Committee Informal Working Group 2A. Do comment. But be civil. Don't abuse people who are simply doing their jobs. We have to get across that casting covetous eyes on amateur bands is counterproductive, and contrary to public interest. To accomplish this we need lots of comments. Please remember that the objective is to educate and persuade, not to intimidate. The facts will speak for them self. The facts are on our side. We provide a useful service for the public in times that regular forms of communications are out of order. Your letters and comments will make a difference, only if you write.

As you all know, Gate 1 for the vanity call sign program was opened on May 31. If your call sign changes, please call John Davis so he can make note of the change in his computer. Form 610-V must be completed and a $30.00 fee is required to request a vanity call sign. If you need instructions or information about vanity call signs, you may call FCC Consumer Assistance Branch, 1-800-322-1117 or write to: Federal Communications Commission, Amateur Vanity Call Sign Request, P.O. Box 358924, Pittsburgh,PA 15251-5924

Current Changes: New Club Call is now W5FQ
N5NML - Howard is now W5UTL
KC5UED - Darrell is now W5MAV

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