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We had a very productive meeting on Saturday, the Second of December. The fact that it was a business meeting and that election of new officers may have played a part in the turnout. As you can expect there was more than one joke about recounts and defective or misplaced chads.

This past twelve months, for me, has been great in respect to holding this office. We managed to get a lot done and had some fun with all the activities that we participated in. Hope that this sort of thing will continue because we need to show the face of HAM radio to those that do not know about it.

Congratulations to the new MARC officers. I urge you to support them and their programs throughout the coming year. If they do well we can save the expense of printing new ballots and just appoint them for another term.


Hope that each of you has a great month.


Secretary Report

Club Christmas party will be held on December 15th (Friday) at 7:00 P.M. at the home of Mel (N5JCG) and Margie (N5VCJ).

Officers elected for 2001 are:

President: Phillip Duke KD5CBK
Vice Pres: Donna Harrison KD5GWM
Secretary: Bill Robinson KB5ASR
Treasurer: Deb Hover KD5JYJ

Insurance is due January 2001. Club had already approved coverage of .70 as well as .97. Dennis (KI5FW) has offered to split the cost of insurance with the club.

Formation of public relations committee has been re-tabled for January 2001 meeting.

Dues are due January 2001 - $23 single or $25 for family.

Have a GREAT Christmas.

73 Bill KB5ASR


Things have been pretty quiet for the last couple of months in the Meridian Area. I cannot remember the net being activated for a single thing. Donna did hold an informal net during a thunderstorm on 11 Nov.

Donna, Gary and I attended a meeting of the Mississippi Search And Recovery Association (MSARA) back in early November and got involved in the forming of the group that will hopefully influence the way all S & R groups in Mississippi will conduct their operations. Also attending were Emergency Management Agencies from several parts of the State, MEMA had a couple of reps, dog handlers, and it seemed like there were even some educators involved because of the fact they were there to protect the interests of the Scouts and Explorers and any other group of that sort which might want to participate. We did our best to represent the communications interests of the group. The main focus was writing the charter and defining what the group was to do and whom it wants to influence. Mississippi currently does not have any type of training or certification program for search and rescue groups operating within the State.

Speaking of LEMA, the elections of several months back have been thrown out because they were not conducted IAW the bylaws of the S & R Group. There will be a meeting during the month of December. If you are a member of the LEMA Group please attend the next meeting that will see the election process started according to the bylaws.



President Clinton signed into law on 29 November a measure that will allow state and local officials to crack down on unauthorized citizens band radios that interfere with consumer products such as TV, phones, and stereo systems. The measure allows governments to enact and enforce regulations that prohibit people from using unauthorized CB radio equipment. This law exempts HAM radio operators. This means that your HAM ticket should prevent you from being subjected to what a local operator went through recently. Note that the ARRL was involved with the drafting of this legislation.


I think that we could all see this one coming. The FCC and E-Bay operators have joined forces to stop the listing of illegal CB equipment on the popular auction site.

Most real amateur operators will take measures to prevent their station from interfering with their neighbors if they are made aware of the interference. This law should not really have that much of an impact on the HAM community.

On a personal note, I just wonder WHO is going to enforce the new law in the local area.


Christmas Party

Christmas party will be at Mel & Margie's home on December 15 @ 7 PM. Please contact N5JCG as soon as possible concerning what you would like to bring or a suggestion on something to bring. Finger foods, veggie tray, cheese tray, buffalo wings, desserts, brownies, fudge, drinks, or your favorite dish are some suggestions. Please call 485-7802 if you need directions.

73 W5MAV 

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Have a great month

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