A monthly publication of the Meridian Amateur Radio Club July / August 2001

President’s Comments

Hello All!!!

First things first! Field day was outstanding! I have never participated in a more enjoyable field day. Everyone pulled together to make this year's field day the best yet. Our field day committee, Mel & Margie - Deb & Darrell - Jim & Brenda - Bill & Debbie - Michael - & Russell went out of their way to see that all went smooth. The weather was great and the site at Bonita Lakes was the greatest. The food committee, Margie - Deb - Debbie - Brenda and all others who cooked or brought food, THANK YOU!!. (Ya did good!!)

Thanks to Jim, Mel & all of the VE's who taught classes and tested last month. Congratulations to all who passed their test and those of us who didn't, better luck next time. We have accomplished much this year as a club and have plans for a lot more. Join us at our meetings and help us plan.

We have been blessed with good weather lately but we need to keep our guard up just in case. Thanks again to all who pull together and make this club it's best...

73's KD5CBK - Phillip

July 7, 2001 Business Meeting

1. Winners of Field Day drawing are Dennis (KI5FW) and Steve (KC5THA).
2. Motion made and passed to cover Field Day expenses that exceeded $100 limit. Also get site for next year.
3. Discussion of tone access on repeater. Filter is in line and problem is better but not solved.
4. Motion made and approved to explore possibility of allowing tone access and ability to disable. 100 hz is the desired frequency.
5. Club will pursue "non profit" status.

August 4, 2001 Business Meeting

1. Russ (WA5EE) gave a report on status of "non-profit" proceedings.
2. Club Preamble will require some additional wording.
3. Club officers and Russell will finalize the changes to be made to the club constitution and by-laws, and present to the voting membership at the October business meeting.
4. September business meeting has been moved to August 25th due to September 1st occurring on Labor Day weekend.
5. Club will take possession of a rack for the repeater. This rack will allow for the repeater to be secured with all auxiliary equipment inside. Repeater will be required to go off the air during this process.
6. Club officers understand that a charter was issued for the club years ago through the attorney general's office. A copy of that charter will be forwarded to the club.

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