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FIELD DAY 2002 ...... June 22-23

Barbecued Ribs & Chickens - Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
will be served Saturday evening, June 22nd at 4 PM
Bonita Lakes - Pavilion #2, Meridian, MS
Bring the family for fun and fellowship.

Click here to see a map to Field Day site location

Field day setup will begin on the morning of June 22nd. Licensed Amateur Radio Operators in Lauderdale and surrounding counties or anyone wanting to learn more about this exciting and important means of emergency communication are invited.

Hams will set up and operate field radio stations to contact other hams throughout the US and Canada over a 24 hour period. If you are a newly licensed operator, be sure to make this event. You will see and have an opportunity to communicate on all modes of operation.


President’s Comments

We are having a huge time with grand kids in Pinetop, AZ. The weather is beautiful. We like hi 80's during the day and 39 degrees one night to fifties most of the time. Need a blanket every night. Really dry - no camp fires and humidity in the 20's. We leave in a couple of days heading north up to Yellowstone. Tell the guys I sure will miss field day. Hope all have a good time and make a lot of contacts. Will see you in about a month. 73 to all. W5OQY CP


Vice President’s Comments

I have just gotten off of the phone with KC5OJS. His wife Carolyn is in serious condition at Anderson Hospital following a triple bypass heart surgery and numerous other complications. Please keep Wes and Carolyn in your prayers.

Thank all of you that showed up at the business meeting on June 1st to help with Field Day planning. Hope to see a bunch of folks that we have not seen for a while. Come out and make a few contacts and enjoy some good food and fellowship on June 22nd and June 23rd. If you need directions to Bonita Lakes, please give me a call at 626-0053.

Have a GREAT DAY everyday! May God bless each of you. 73, W5MAV


Treasurer Report

Thinking back to Field Day last year we really had an excellent turn out for our Saturday evening dinner. This year we will be serving BBQ Ribs and Chicken. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available for the younger generation. If you would like, please bring a vegetable dish or something sweet. We are looking forward to a good turn out this year as well. Please consider bringing a friend that might be interested in amateur radio to Field Day.

If you would like a copy of the membership list please call Deb at 626-0053 or visit the club web page (

Have a great month! 73, KD5JYJ


Secretary Report

Minutes of June 1, 2002 business meeting

1. Various designs for Jimmie Rodgers SE certificate were reviewed. Design was chosen and money for expenses was approved. Doug (KD5GBQ) will design the certificates.

2. Repeater trustee control op transfer is taking place. Control op will be transferred from Gary (K5XC) to Dennis (KI5FW). Also, club may wish to assume site utilities.

3. MARC Field Day will be held at dam west side Bonita Lakes pavilion on June 22-23. Station class will be 2A (voice and cw). Possibly two demo or GOTA stations will be on site as well. Club will furnish food and drinks on Saturday evening.

4. Phillip (KD5CBK) and Patty (KD5FJA) have accepted the duties of club ambassadors to check on members and/or family members that are sick or in the hospital, however will need help of members in this task.


Jimmie Rodgers Special Event Station 2002

Hello Fellow Amateurs,

The first annual Jimmie Rodgers Special Event was held on the 10th and 11th of May. We were set up and commenced operating at precisely 1800 hrs CDT and operated for the complete 24 hour period. Although propagation was poor we managed to log over 200 contacts from all over the US and Canada.

We did however, get off to a rough start. We had a small problem getting the mast up and Jim WB5OCD got himself a genuine Ham Radio Purple Heart. He had to get 5 stitches in his forearm when he received a cut when the mast slipped. Trooper that he is, Jim returned to the site for the night shift.

We couldn't have had a more appropriate site to operate from as we were set up inside of the Caboose of the memorial train next to the Jimmie Rodgers museum. Real Neat huh ? We thought so. We were visited by several of the Jimmie Rodgers dignitaries and had visits from a California Ham, Dave KA6OMV who is our own Lew's (KA8LUM) son. Oh Yeah, Lew was there too. We also had a visit from Larry AG5Z from Hattiesburg.

I want to thank all the folks that joined in to help. KD5GBQ Doug brought along his friend Mac Yates who seemed to enjoy helping although he wasn't a Ham. There's a prospect for us.

Don't guess we could have made it without all the snacks and drinks and the runs made to the sandwich shop by Miss Brenda, KD5JYK. Of course, I must mention all the support and posting to the web page and contacting of the local newspaper done by Darrell W5MAV and the pictures taken by Miss Debbie, KD5JYJ and Jim WB5OCD. Thanks also to Bill KB5ASR, Dan KD5JLG, Jim KD5GMP, Donna KD5GWM, and Terry KB5QOD who were a big help with the tear- down and cleanup.

I guess now all we have to do is wait for the SASE's to come in and get the Certificates and QSL's sent out. Kudos to Michael N5VWS for coming up with a real good looking certificate and again thanks Doug KD5GBQ for the QSL design.

Well, until next time, probably Field Day, this is N5JCG saying 73 ditditditdahditdah



Section Manager Field Day Visit

The fire ants are on the move, the red wasps are picking out targets of opportunity at their pleasure, and the humidity is starting to feel like bad news. It must be Field Day time in Mississippi! I hope everyone is checking generators to see if they will start, buying mosquito repellent, making up checklists, etc.

Last year during Field Day I traveled the state and visited the Hernando, Tupelo, Starkville-Columbus-West Point, Meridian, Laurel, and Jackson Field Day Sites. I got to meet a lot of new folks, renew old friendships, and even operate some CW. I had so much fun that I am going to try it again this year, if Vicksburg can survive without me. (Vicksburg will operate from Wal*Mart to demonstrate ham radio to the public and to attract students for a class next Fall).

If you would like for me to visit your Field Day Site. please let me know. Please give me specific directions on your location. After I review the responses, I will piece together a trip such that I can visit the most sites.

Best 73 de W5XX


Yahoo group for Mississippi Hams

WA5TEF has put together a Yahoo group for Mississippi hams. This is a place where we can go to talk about anything dealing with ham radio. The web site URL is:

The email address is:

WA5TEF's home page is:


The Emergency Email Network

The Emergency Email Network can now provide hurricane and tropical storm information by e-mail at work and home and by cell phone.

Please forward information to family and friends within the state to sign up to receive notices at http://www.EmergencyEmail.ORG/

OTHER RESOURCES from The Emergency Email Network

1. 2002 Hurricane Page and Printable Tracking Map

2. How to sign up by for cell phone notices

The hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin, which includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, runs from June 1 to November 30 each year.



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