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Proverbs 18:13 If one gives answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame. (RSV)



President's Report

First I want to thank the membership for trusting me with this position. I will do my best to make this a productive and fun filled year.

Our January meeting had 13 in attendance which included Gary Galloway and Ron Davis from Newton County Emergency Management Agency. Gary and Ron have requested some assistance in designing and setting up their new communications center located 1 mile north of Newton on Coliseum Drive. We had a couple drive over to Newton on Saturday and then a follow-up on Monday. Very soon Newton hopes to have linking capabilities that will link surrounding counties to the National Weather Service and State EOC in Jackson. They have also requested that volunteers participate from the new communication center during any emergencies that may arise.

W5RB and KC5NMB will be working with Red Cross to find out a date that our HAM equipment can be setup in their new location.

Coots Crossing Pavilion #2 at Bonita Lakes has now been reserved for Field Day 2005 on June 25th and June 26th. I had hoped we could find a location that would require less work for setting up and breaking down. If anyone has any suggestions concerning this, please let your voices be heard.

I am happy to report that our friend C.P. (W5OQY) has finally been allowed to leave Anderson Hospital. Annie reports that he is doing better and has been moved to RHC (Regency Hospital Company) located on the second floor of Riley Hospital for some rehabilitation. He gets tired very fast, so we are asked to please keep any visits brief.

Lastly, I have a couple of questions for you. I would like for you to call, email or snail mail me with any responses that you might have. Currently we meet at Queen City Truck Stop on Saturday mornings for coffee, breakfast and visiting. Business meetings are held in the same location at 10 AM on the first Saturday of each month (if other events do not interfere). Attendance for the business meetings has been low.

1. In an effort to improve attendance during our business meetings, would you favor changing the business meeting to a Thursday night around 6 or 6:30 PM (location can be anywhere you like, i.e. Western Sizzlin)? We can try this one month to see if it works. If we like the results, we can then make it permanent? We will continue to meet Saturday mornings for breakfast, coffee, and fellowship.

2. At the last business meeting the subject of the phone patch was brought up again. It currently cost MARC approximately $20 per month to keep the phone line connected. We decided to mention this in The Spark Gap and then we will have a vote during the February business meeting. If you are not able to attend this meeting, please send your comments to me. I will read them at that meeting so that your concerns will be heard.

73, Darrell W5MAV


Lauderdale Repeater Group
146.970 - ki5fw/R (pl 100hz)
444.500 + w5LRG/R

GE to all:

As some of you already know that it is the time of year for both the Lauderdale Repeater Group and Meridian Amateur Radio Club to jointly pay for Liability Insurance to cover both groups and repeater sites. This years premium remains the same price or $325.00 for a one year policy. Both groups will pay half of the premium ($162.50 each). I urge everyone to help pay for this expense. If you use any one of / or both repeaters just remember these things do not stay on the air all by themselves.

The LRG has just purchased a new controller and remote base radio to make the UHF 444.500/R have frequency agile linking capabilities as the VHF 146.970/R has. This equipment totaled nearly $600.00. I urge everyone to invest in a UHF / 440mhz radio in the future. Take advantage of the 440 Repeaters. There are advantages to having a UHF repeater available in an emergency situation.

We are still hoping to have another site available to separate the 146.970/R and the 444.500/R. Both of these repeaters with remote bases capable of linking to other repeaters in our area will be a great plus.

All donations will greatly be appreciated.
--... ...--, Dennis ki5fw

Contributions can be mailed to:

Lauderdale Repeater Group w5LRG
c/o: Dennis Carpenter
7760 Vanzyverden Road
Meridian, MS 39305


February Business Meeting

Please note: The Capital City Hamfest in Jackson is being held the first weekend of February; therefore the MARC February business meeting will be held on Saturday, February 12th at 10 AM, Queen City Truck Stop

Treasurer Report

We're off to a great start for the new year getting our checking account back to a safe level. We still have insurance to pay, so please bring your 2005 dues to the Queen City Truck Stop on Saturday mornings or mail them to the address below.

c/o Debbie Hover
11785 Nancy Drive
Collinsville, MS 39325

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear is how much are my DUES? Dues are:

  • $23.00 per Year per Member
  • $25.00 per Year for Family
  • $15.00 per year if 65 or older

    Happy New Year! 73, KD5JYJ

Have a great month


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