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President’s Report

Our next business meeting will be held in the back room of the Checker Board Restaurant on Saturday July 9th, 2011 beginning at 10 AM. Come early to enjoy breakfast and coffee.

Field Day 2011 results have been submitted with a submitted score of 1270 (see 2011 Field Day Results below). After last year’s poor attendance, I was a bit worried about this year’s attendance. I am happy to report attendance was slightly up from last year, PLUS many of our new attendees got on the radio and made a few contacts. THANK YOU to all that made this year’s event successful.

I extend a special thank you to our host, the Wingo family for providing an extremely comfortable and accommodating facility. Wanda provided beans, coconut cake, as well a variety of snacks that added a smile to everyone’s face.

AE5FE, Rick, our local EC for ARES arranged to have the LEMA communications trailer brought out and setup. Along with that came an extraordinary amount of work setting up antennas and generators. These guys poured out a lot of sweat so we could be up and transmitting on time this year. Thank you AE5FE, WB5BNV, and WB4POP.

I appreciate and thank our Red Cross officials for coming out; Gordon Stewart, Donna KD5GWM and newly licensed operators Elizabeth KF5LSQ and Ben KF5LGE who made a good majority of the SSB contacts. Please provide a warm welcome to our newly licensed operators when you hear them on the air.

Many thanks go out to WB5BNV and AE5FE for making our CW contacts and sending official NTS messages via WinLink.

Thank you to WTOK TV, Chip Scarborough and the Meridian Star for the media coverage that they provided us with this year.

We had a few old faithful’s that stayed ALL NIGHT once again this year. Thank you to W5RB, AE5FE, WB5BNV, and WB4POP.

I hope I have not left anyone out. As you can see, this is a club effort and would not have been successful without your help and support. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.
See pictures and more at:

73, Darrell, W5MAV


2011 ARRL Field Day Results

01. Field Day Call Used: W5FQ
02. Club Name: Meridian Amateur Radio Club
03. Number of Participants: 24
04. Number of transmitters in simultaneous operation: 3
05. Entry Class: 3E
06. Check All power sources used. X Generator, X Battery, X Solar
07. ARRL / RAC Section: MS
08. Total CW QSO's: 12 X 2 = Total CW QSO points: 24
09. Total Digital QSO's: 0 X 2 = Total Digital QSO points: 0
10. Total Phone QSO's: 126 X 1 = Total Phone QSO points: 126
11. Total QSO points: 150
12. Power Multiplier X 150 Watts or less = 2
13. Power Multiplier: 2
14. Claimed Score: 300
15. Bonus points claimed: 100% Emergency power, Media Publicity, NTS message to ARRL SM/SEC, W1AW Field Day Message, Formal NTS messages handled (# 13), Site Visited by invited officials, Youth Participation (# 1): Total Bonus Points Claimed: 970

150 X 2
Claimed: 300



Meridian ARRL VE Team

Congratulations to Elizabeth Gibson, who passed her Technician exam in a session earlier tonight. Also, Benny Duett KF5LGE, who was recently Tech licensed, earned his General upgrade. Both are Red Cross volunteers and were active at the Field Day station.  

Thanks to Donna, KD5GWM, Dennis, NO5C, and Rick, AE5FE, for responding to pull this session together on short notice. The next scheduled session from the ARRL team will be July 28th at the EOC. 

Russ, W5RB


Meridian W5YI VE Team

The Meridian W5YI VE Team hosted our regular scheduled test session Tuesday, June 14, 2011. The results are as below:

  • Michael Keith McCary, KE5YEM of Meridian (Rush Hospital) passed the exam General Class Operator and was advanced!
  • James E Gardner, KE5YWR of Meridian (Rush Hospital) passed the exam for General Class Operator and was advanced!
  • Cecil T Cox of Gilbertown, AL walked in as a NON HAM passed the exam for Technician Class and the exam for General Class Operator and is now a General Class Operator!
  • Robert B Lilly of Laurel MS (Laurel Police Office) passed the exam for Technician Class Operator and is now a Technician Class Operator!

Let's all give a well done to ALL these people for their achievements!!

Current Meridian W5YI VE Team members:
Eldon Richardson, W4IOS
Buck Buchanan, KA5PSG
Mel Oubre, W5MLO
Albert McDonald, WV1Q
Ross Wingo, WB4POP


73s Regards, Eldon, W4IOS


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