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Happy New Year


 Bible Verses

"My child, Jesus paid your bill a long, long time ago." all things whatsoever
you shall ask in Prayer, believing, you shall receive." (Matthew 21:22)

President’s Comments

 Thanks MARC for choosing (railroading) me to be your Pres for 2003. I'm truly honored and hope to see some good stuff happen with your help. I've just started a new job as well. I will be working on bank-related equipment in the Philadelphia area but should be able to continue in office and see some projects through. I've been hearing some good ideas from the members and hope to hear more. E-mail me at

Notes for February: the February business meeting has been moved to the second Saturday, the 8th, so that we can attend the Jackson Hamfest on the 1st. MARC has 2 tables reserved for its members to share, so e-mail me if you'd like to share some of that space.

On the local scene, hats off to 4 Meridian area hams, Donna - KD5GWM; Mel - N5JCG; Michael - N5VWS; and Stan - KB5VAF, for being there in the aftermath of the recent Newton tornado . All deserve to be recognized for their efforts in conjunction with MEMA and Red Cross.

That said, special recognition is due to Donna and Mel for their respective efforts in pulling together a team from this area on very short notice. As Lauderdale/Clarke EC, Donna was tasked with finding hams to support the Newton mission on only a few hours notice. Meanwhile, Mel, having monitored the request on the Section Phone Net frequency, helped pull the plan together by providing equipment support and a great deal of help behind the scenes.

Mel spent a full day supporting the Red Cross office in Meridian while Donna coordinated the efforts of 5 hams with the other forces in Newton. Mel also calls the Section Phone Net once a week helping to support the network that allowed a lot of these efforts to take place. So, for the continuing work they do every day in their respective position, for their extra efforts at getting it all put together in Newton, and putting a good face on amateur radio in December, I declare joint recipients of the first Presidential "Ham of the Month " award for January to be N5JCG and KD5GWM. Be sure to recognize 'em for their extra efforts when you see them or hear them on the air during January. I'll look forward to hearing from the membership with nominees for February.

Albert Einstein, when asked to describe radio, replied: "You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."

73, Russell, W5RB


Secretary Report

 Minutes of January 4, 2003 business meeting

1. Meeting called to order at 10:00. Fifteen members present; all officers present; minutes read and treasurer report given.

2. Field Day site has been secured at Bonita Lakes pavilion. The Hovers were thanked for hosting the Club Christmas party.

3. Repeater insurance is due; motion made to renew and club pay half; motion passed. The hat was passed for donations to cover ham fest swap table at Jackson Hamfest February 1st.

4. Donna, Michael, and Russell were recognized for their assistance in the Newton tornado aftermath as well as Stan (KB5VAF) who was a guest at the meeting.

5. Subject of retaining auto patch was made; vote taken and phone patch will not be dropped. Russell will take over as repeater trustee and paperwork will begin this week.

6. Because of Jackson Hamfest, the February business meeting will be held February 8th.



Treasurer Report

Happy New Year! We begin the new year with several paid members as of January 4, 2003. Thank you for helping us get the new year off to a good start. In addition, the pavilion at Bonita Lakes (Coot’s Crossing) has been reserved for Field Day 2003.

Please bring your 2003 dues to the Queen City Truck stop on Saturday mornings or mail them to the address below. Have a great month! 73, KD5JYJ

c/o Debbie Hover
11785 Nancy Drive
Collinsville, MS 39325


Home Phone: (601)679-5668

Supporters of these Amateur Radio Repeaters
146.970- ki5fw/R (pl 100hz) 444.500+ w5lrg/R

January 5, 2003

Hello again everyone. I hope the New Year is going well for each of you. Guess what??? It’s that time of year where it is time to pay the overhead and operating cost of the two W5LRG repeaters. The insurance premium is due this month and the cost has remained at $325.00. We again will split the cost of the policy with the Meridian Amateur Radio Club.

Cost to both organizations will be $162.50. And on behalf of The Lauderdale Repeater Group I want to contribute $100.00 to the City of Marion Volunteer Fire Department as a friendly way of saying thanks fer the use of their water tower as the repeater site for both repeaters.

Each contribution will be greatly appreciated and will go toward operating expenses of these repeaters. As most of you know, the linking system on the 146.970/R has proven to be very useful during emergency and bad weather situations.

All equipment is paid for as of now. A new simple controller was just purchased to build a low power, portable, frequency agile repeater form two old VHF mobiles. I want to use this in emergency situations with a 3.5 mhz split so two antennas closely spaced can be used. It can also temporary replace any local repeater that may go down until repairs are made.

Please send all contributions to LRG c/o myself at the address in the above letterhead. TNX to each past and future supporter of the Lauderdale Repeater Group (W5LRG).

73 to all, Dennis Carpenter ki5fw


Reader’s Comments

---------- LOST ----------

Jim (W5ED) seems to have lost his copy of the ARRL Antenna Handbook. It is one of the newer editions and he indicates that he would dearly love to have it back. He seems to remember bringing it to the coffee drink and loaning it to someone there. With him being so Easily Distracted that may not be the case at all. He says that he does not remember throwing it at some nighttime driver in the oncoming lane who must have had Eye Damage and failed to dim his high beams.

This Exceptionally Dedicated Editor believes he needs the book to work on some hair brained antenna project from which he will be Easily Distracted and never get finished. His most patient and Extremely Dedicated wife, Brenda (KD5JYK), thinks so too.

We only publish this paragraph to humor him but if he did by chance loan you this book would you please get him in touch with him and let him know. Brenda indicates that he is Extremely Distracted over this loss and is driving her to the point of being Emotionally Dysfunctional. She says that this Extended Disruption in the family's life over his inability to find his book is likely to cause her to Extremely Disfigure his head with her rolling pin. She also says that don't come to him and ask that he repay the money he owes you (due to his bad memory) because she controls the purse strings. The purse is empty anyway.

---------- OPERATING EVENTS ----------

Please consider if you would like to help operate the Jimmie Rogers Special Event Station this May. If there are enough volunteer operators we will again contact the JR Committee and see if they will again allow us to operate from the caboose of the Jimmie Rogers Train. It was a lot of fun last year. If you would like to help please let W5ED or N5JCG know as soon as possible.

---------- OBSERVATION ----------

The comments that I have heard about the Meridian Area Amateurs operation during the aftermath of the Newton tornado have all been of praise. Your efforts have gone a long way to establish that the group can work with the local civil agencies for the benefit of our communities.

Lots of changes are happening that will bring about more operating opportunities with local civil agencies in the next few years. The new homeland defense programs will give hams the ability to support our communities, but it will take training and practice on the part of the operators who want to participate in this worthy cause. If you desire to get involved with the ARES program please get in touch with KD5GWM, Donna, our local Emergency Coordinator and let her know your areas of expertise and what means of communication you have available to you.

As a last thought, having emergency power for at least one of your radios is extremely important due to the possible loss of commercial power during one of the severe weather conditions that we often experience in this part of Mississippi. Lightning protection is another feature we must build into our antenna systems so that we can operate even during severe thunder storms. It is during this time that tornadoes may appear and without emergency power and antenna protection an operator might place him or herself in a life threatening situation to make a report.

Hope you each and all have a great year in 2003. Jim/W5ED



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