A monthly publication of the Meridian Amateur Radio Club February 2003

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 Jimmie Rogers Special Event Station

----- Urgent -----

This was printed in the January issue and has not received any response. Jim, W5ED is wanting to determine if there is some interest from Lauderdale County operators to setup a special event station during the Jimmie Rodgers Festival.

Last year this was held from 1800 (2300 UTC) May 10th until 1800 (2300 UTC) May 11th from the Caboose of the Memorial Train next to the Jimmie Rodgers museum in the Highland Park area of Meridian, MS. Only a few operators made over 200 contacts and MARC received some very nice publicity.

This year, we do not necessarily have to transmit from this location. Right now, Jim only needs to know if there is enough interest in this project. Will you be able to help out? Please consider if you would like to help operate the Jimmie Rogers Special Event Station this May. If there are enough volunteer operators we will again contact the JR Committee and see if they will again allow us to operate from the caboose of the Jimmie Rogers Train. It was a lot of fun last year. If you would like to help please let Jim (W5ED) or Mel (N5JCG) know as soon as possible.


Email W5ED: Click Here
Phone Jim: 644-3226

Email N5JCG: Click Here
Phone Mel: 485-7802

President’s Comments

February is one of those times most of us are kinda coasting, maybe hatching a new plan or project. I know Wayne and Joyce, KD5TOJ and KD5TOI have a new HF rig at home, and as I last heard were setting up a receive antenna and planning to study for upgrades. Michael, N5VWS has a new 2-meter beam up, with a little help from Bill, KB5ASR and myself. I was saddened to learn of the passing of Camille, Bill and Debbie Robinson's cat, and semi-official club mascot, from feline leukemia. I will miss the stories of her antics that brightened more than one club meeting the past few years.

On a more upbeat note, MARC was well represented at the Jackson Hamfest, the two MARC tables saw plenty of activity, and we all got to see some old friends. I spoke to quite a few area hams we haven't seen lately, so look for some of them at upcoming meetings.

The next business meeting is set for March 1st, and I may not be able to attend, as I'll be in Dallas on business that week, and there's some question whether I'll be home in time. I'm confident Joyce can handle whatever comes up in my absence.

Ham of the Month for February is Darrell, W5MAV. If you haven't looked at the MARC web site lately, take a good look and try to imagine all the time and effort involved in putting it together and keeping it up to date. And of course, Darrell also edits this newsletter, which is quite a job all by itself. So, let's each remember to thank Darrell for all he does to keep us looking good in the cyber-world.

While your web surfing, please take a look at It's a great place to get specific questions answered, or just to browse and learn about specific areas you're interested in.

Quote of the month is from Teddy Roosevelt and might apply to Trent Lott's recent debacle or to why the Shuttles must keep flying, even in light of the recent catastrophe. Or to any of the more mundane pursuits that make up all our lives.

73, Russell W5RB

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; who does actually try to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who--at the worst--if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

-- Theodore Roosevelt


Vice President’s Comments

I believe that we have really gotten off to a good start in 2003. We have had good attendance at the meetings the last couple of meetings, but we need you that do not come. The club needs to grow and we need to get some projects going to help on some of our expenses. I was thrilled to see the representation that we had at the ham fest, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. May God guide you each day as you go about your life’s work.

 73's KD5TOI Joyce


Secretary Report

The regular monthly business meeting for the MARC was held February 8, 2003. Meeting was called to order at 10:00 with 14 members present. Treasurers report was read and accepted as read.

Members agreed to pay for the club domain names out of the treasury. or will now take you directly to the club web site.

Steve Blackwell was presented with a certificate from ARRL for his participation in the weather watch in December. Meeting was adjourned at 10:18.



Treasurer Report

A regular yearly assessment of $23.00 for first member in a household. Family dues are $25.00. Upon reaching age 65, members will be assessed $15.00. Thank you for helping us get the new year off to a good start. Please bring your 2003 dues to the Queen City Truck stop on Saturday mornings or mail them to the address below. Have a great month! 73, KD5JYJ

c/o Debbie Hover
11785 Nancy Drive
Collinsville, MS 39325



An updated Amateur Radio Today video now is available for free downloading from the ARRL Web site. The MPEG-format file is 70 Mbytes. Narrated by former CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD, Amateur Radio Today showcases the public service contributions made by hams throughout the country. Highlights include ham radio's response on September 11, 2001, ham radio's part in helping various agencies respond to last year's wildfires in the Western US, and ham radio-in-space educational initiatives. Directed by Dave Bell, W6AQ, Amateur Radio Today was written by Alan Kaul, W6RCL. The production team included Bell and Kaul as well as Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, and Bill Baker, W1BKR. The editor was Keith Glispie, WA6TFD.

Amateur Radio Today is an ideal presentation for clubs, government meetings, civic organizations and any other venue where you want to vividly illustrate what Amateur Radio has to offer the public. The video runs just six minutes and is available in several formats. The digital version of Amateur Radio Today is available in MPEG video format, which can be played by Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime or RealPlayer software. It can be run from the CD or copied to your hard drive (not included).

This copyrighted program is not intended for broadcast use (including over-the-air, cable or Internet) and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission. You also can order Amateur Radio Today on CD-ROM and VHS tape. The CD-ROM version also requires that you have software that can play MPEG files installed on your computer.


Info for Mississippi Amateurs

The week of February 17th through 21st, 2003 has been designated Severe Weather Awareness Week in Mississippi. The National Weather Service and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency are again asking for your help in spreading information to the public about the threat of severe weather and the life threatening measures to be taken when severe weather occurs. Severe weather watches and warnings are ineffective if the public does not receive the message or is not knowledgeable of the safety procedures to follow. The purpose of Mississippi Severe Weather Awareness Week is to provide people with the knowledge necessary to protect their lives when severe weather threatens.

Whether in the form of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or flash floods, severe weather can develop very quickly. Once a tornado approaches, or flooding develops, it is too late to start working on a preparedness plan.

When severe weather develops, and warnings are issued, we must take immediate action to protect ourselves. Preparing for severe weather is the theme of this program.

So how does one prepare for severe weather? For a severe weather preparedness plan to be successful, it must include the following: knowledge of terminology such as watches and warnings, a thorough knowledge of safety rules to follow when severe weather strikes, a reliable method of receiving emergency information, the designation of an appropriate shelter, and drills to test the plan.

The best way to ensure the success of a preparedness plan is to test it. The National Weather Service will conduct a statewide tornado drill on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th. During that morning there will be a special test of the Mississippi NOAA Weather Radio alarm system. Please make every effort to participate in this drill.

The drill will give everyone in homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses the opportunity to test their readiness in the event of an actual tornado event. In many areas emergency management officials will test local sirens when the practice warning is issued. Should the weather be threatening that day, the drill will be postponed until the following day, or later if necessary, to avoid confusion.

Please continue on this page for materials which will be useful to you during the Severe Weather Awareness Week campaign. You are also invited to contact the National Weather Service for interviews, information, or answers to any questions you may have. In many instances, we are also able to present severe weather awareness programs to civic and industrial organizations, schools, amateur radio clubs, and hospital staffs. For more information, contact the following: Jim Butch (Warning Coordination Meteorologist) or Alan Gerard (Meteorologist-In-Charge) at the National Weather Service Office in Jackson, MS (601-936-2189) or Amy Carruth at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (601-352-9100).

The Jackson NWS will be taking part in this drill. Monitor normal frequencies and on HF monitor 7.285

Wm. Robert Sekul, N5XXX
110 Shenandoah Estates Cir.
Brandon, MS 39047-7777
Ph 601-829-2206 Home
Ph 601-940-7470 Cell
Ph 601-929-1491 Pager



The Copiah County Amateur Radio Club

(CCARC) is sponsoring Storm Spotter Training, February 27th, 7 to 8:30 PM, at Charlie's Restaurant in Crystal Springs. Mr. Jim Butch, Warning Coordination Meteorologist of the National Weather Service (NWS) in Jackson, will conduct the training.

The training is open to the public. Special focus will be on having attendance from volunteer fire departments, as well as public safety, sheriff's department, Red Cross, municipal government, and public and private school personnel and Amateur Radio Operators.

This one and a half hour training will focus on severe storm definitions and severe storm structures and recognition. We will discuss spotter cooperation and reporting procedures.

Contact Graham Bell, (601) 750-4054 or email with the number planning to attend. At present we are limited to 150.


The Laurel Amateur Radio Club

LARC will be sponsoring a General Class Upgrade Course starting Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. It will be held in the conference room of the new Jones County EOC Building at the corner of Mason and Magnolia Streets in Laurel. The class will last from 7:00 until 9:30 p.m. each Thursday night through April 24. The course is free, but you will be required to buy your study guide and code tapes/CD. Both are from the American Radio Relay League and can be bought either at the Jackson Hamfest on January 31 and February 1 or directly from the ARRL Web Site at: or call toll free at 888-277-5289. The book we will be using is "The ARRL General Class License Manual" (4th Edition Copyright 2000-2001) item #8004 for $15.00. The code tape/CD is "Your Introduction to Morse Code". The cassette is item #8322 for $14.95 and the CD is item #8314 for $14.95. If you are interested in taking this course, contact Alan Clark, N5PA, at or phone 601-426-0090. There will be a special test session for the upgrade class on Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 7:00 p.m."



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