A monthly publication of the Meridian Amateur Radio Club March 2003

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President’s Comments

Spring is upon us. Though it won't officially be Spring 'til the 20th, the dogwoods are in bloom, and we've had temps into the 70s. That means severe weather season is here, and we all need to be weather-conscious. Let's be sure we keep our batteries charged and an ear on the NOAA weather radio. If you haven't volunteered to be a Net Control op on the Tuesday night net, now would be a good time to contact Donna, KD5GWM, about that, so that we have plenty of folks in practice and ready to run the net when emergency sessions arise.

A VE test session is on the schedule for Thursday, March 27, at 7 PM at the LEMA office. That's at the corner of 23rd Avenue and 14th Street in Meridian. Be sure to bring ID, your current license AND a photocopy of your current license (if any) and any CSCEs from previous sessions. You'll also need the test fee, which I believe is now $12. Direct any questions to VE Team Leader Dennis Carpenter, KI5FW, or e-mail me at C'mon folks, that's a couple of weeks to study and pass those upgrades. Let's see a crowd at this session.

Field Day is June 28-29 and we need to get our ducks in a row for that. If we operate class 2A again, we can run one VHF station and a "GOTA" station as bonuses. I'm hoping we can set up a plan that accommodates ALL who'd like to participate, and I'd really like to see EVERYONE who attends this year do some operating. This is some of the most FUN to be had in radio and a good chance to learn a lot about antennas and operating in general.

Let's have a big turnout for the April meeting to get a good plan together. The April business meeting will be on Saturday the 5th at Queen City Truck Stop.

There is no Ham of the Month for March. If I've overlooked some outstanding contribution, my apologies. If you know of an area ham who deserves some recognition for a recent outstanding contribution to ham radio, e-mail me with your suggestion for next month.

73, Russ, W5RB


Vice President’s Comments

What a good crowd we had at the business meeting the first of the month. Hope you all will come again next month and get involved in the upcoming activities we will have.

I believe the weather will be getting better and we can all enjoy the outside. Thanks Mel for helping James get my antennas up, they work great.

Have a great month. God Bless America in these troubled times.

73's Joyce KD5TOI

This month's favorite web site

See why not to use GUY WIRE SCREW ANCHORS.



Jimmie Rodgers Special Event Station

It has been determined that there is enough interest from local operators to setup a special event station during the Jimmie Rodgers Festival.

The date and location is still at large and will be announced in the near future. Last year this was held from 1800 (2300 UTC) May 10th until 1800 (2300 UTC) May 11th from the Caboose of the Memorial Train next to the Jimmie Rodgers museum in the Highland Park area of Meridian, MS.

It was a lot of fun last year. If you would like to help please let Jim (W5ED) or Mel (N5JCG) know as soon as possible.

Email W5ED: Click Here
Phone Jim: 644-3226

Email N5JCG: Click Here
Phone Mel: 485-7802

Want to hear the ARRL Audio Newsletter each week?

You can do this each Sunday Evening at 8:45 PM compliments of W5PPB by tuning in the Pelahatchie Repeater on 147.24. Jeff invites other repeater owners to link in. On the last Sunday of each month when the Central Mississippi Skywarn Net is in Session at 8:45, Jeff will transmit the Newsletter at 9:15.


On-line Storm Spotter Training Course

ARRL Mississippi Section
Section Manager: Malcolm P. Keown, W5XX
Subject: On-line Storm Spotter Training Course

The Mid-South National Weather Service is offering an on-line storm spotter training course at:

You can get a Certificate of Completion when you pass the quiz by printing out the certificate on-line.

Best 73 de KB5MDD


Papa Jack's Trade Day - April 12, 2003

We will have food available. Free tailgating and lots of parking. The event will be held in honor of Jack Ellis, KI5QV, who was the founder of our trade days at TARC.

We will give away a Kenwood TM-261, 2 meter radio. This event will be held at the Tupelo ARC clubhouse at the Tupelo Regional Airport in Tupelo.

Bring tables and chairs and enjoy the day. All will begin at 8am and run all day and into the night if necessary. Fun will be had by all.


Ham Operators on Standby

Monroe, LA --- March 21 - Even though the battle against Iraq is not on American soil, lives here at home are still being affected. The increased alert on the nation has now been passed along to a group of local amateur radio operators.

Even though the battle against Iraq is not on American soil, lives here at home are still being affected. The increased alert on the nation has now been passed along to a group of local amateur radio operators. The war in Iraq has boosted local ham operators to standby status. Ouachita Parish Emergency Coordinator Mark Ketchell says "There's always a chance something could happen."

Ketchell is a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. Ouachita’s Fire Training Facility is home base. The service is now branching out to area hospitals, the Red Cross and shelter sights. If the phones and lights go out, they can call for help.

Meantime, the ham operators are keeping up with the war overseas like everyone else, by watching television. But when the war is over, they plan to really light up the airwaves. But this time, they'll signal international goodwill.


For Sale

Hey guys: We have a Yeasu Ft 50 HT for sale. It has been modified for out of band usage. It has various accessories with it. If interested in it I can list them off for you. We are asking $175.00 for it. If interested please drop an email or give us a call Chris 401-3480, Melanie 231-2327 and home 844-8506.

Chris McMillen


For Sale

Ten-Tec Centaur Amp for sale for $450.00. Thank and 73

Ernie W5OXA


Letter from Mark, NØOKS

To: Meridian ARC,

I am publishing a new QSO logging program, Paper Chasers’ Log, that should be of interest to your club members. Paper Chasers’ Log does much more than just track DXCC and a few other awards like IOTA and 10-10 numbers. Paper Chasers’ Log tracks more than 100 awards from all over the world. Full details are at

I am hoping that you might mention Paper Chasers’ Log at your next club meeting or forward this email to your club members.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Mark, NØOKS

146.625 MHz Machine EchoLinked

Have you tried the "new" EchoLink mode? All you need is a computer with a sound card and a microphone. The software is a free download. After registering your call sign, you are ready to go. QSO methodology is the same as on the radio except you use the keyboard space bar as the mic key.

Your conversation is carried by the Internet all over the world. Repeaters may also be linked to EchoLink. For example, your signal may be carried over the Internet to a linked repeater in Australia, then "over the air" to an Australian ham driving to work. When making a "linked" contact, let the repeater completely "drop out" before you transmit to give all the "links" time to clear.

John, AA0NN, is experimenting with software to link the 146.625 MHz repeater, via his computer and radio, with EchoLink. So if you hear a new call sign or even a DX call sign on the repeater it's not a joke, it's EchoLink. Give the ham a call and enjoy the QSO.



Hi: Nicely done and nicely run web site. It is refreshing to see a site that someone is keeping up to date with lots of good information. One of your members, Joel N1JEO, contacted the Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club Special Event Station on March 8th and passed your web site URL along. The BAARC is at:

Mark Persons W0MH

Have a great month


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