A monthly publication of the Meridian Amateur Radio Club April 2003

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Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding. Isaiah 40:28

MARC Annual Fish Fry, May 3rd, 2003

Will be held at the home of N5JCG & N5VCJ. Call 485-7802 if you need directions. Cooking will begin at 3 PM. Be ready to eat at 4 PM. This year we are having crawfish as well. We are requesting a donation if you eat crawfish. This will go towards the cost of the mud bugs. Cut off time to have your donation for crawfish is May 2nd. If you have not told someone on the fish committee that you are going to attend please let us know. Cost to eat FISH is FREE.



President’s Comments

It's been a busy April for me folks and not showing signs of slacking up, so I'll keep it brief. I'll be departing for 3 weeks of company schooling in Canton, Ohio on Saturday the 26th, to return May 17th. That'll cause me to miss the Birmingham Hamfest, the May business meeting, Jimmie Rodgers, and a lot of time for Field Day prep. Please contact the committee people for the two field events and support them all you can.

The good news for me is I get to come back through Dayton on hamfest weekend, so I'll see THE hamfest for the first time ever.

The trustee change for W5FQ is done and now visible on the FCC ULS site and QRZ.

I'll still be available via e-mail, and I'm taking the HF rig so listen for me on 3862. With a little luck, I'll check in the evening net a time or two or given the late sunsets, maybe just say hello to the evening chat crowd. Have a good month and get on the air more. It's fun, you know. 73, W5RB

Vice President’s Comments

What a beautiful week we have had after the storms of Sunday and Sunday night. Thanks to our weather man for the updates during the day and early evening. Thanks to Michael and several others who kept me company Monday morning from 2 to 6 am, I really appreciate it.

We all need to remember that we have several events coming up and the entire club needs to get involved to make it work. I would like to see each member take a part in the events. We have been having a good group on Saturday mornings, I am sure everyone enjoys the good fellowship. Hope you all have a very nice Easter and remember the reason for the season. Please remember to pray daily for our President, and our Troops that are so far away from home. May God bless you and yours in your daily lives. 73's Joyce

Secretary Report

Minutes from business meeting held April 5, 2003

All officers present. Meeting called to order at 10:00 A.M. Minutes were read and approved. Treasury report $283.78 minus miscellaneous expenses.

1. Jim (W5ED) is working up arrangements for Jimmie Rodgers Special Event Station. Tentative date is May 9 and 10.

2. Repeater trustee information has gone to ARRL. Russell (W5RB) will become the repeater trustee.

3. Club Fish Fry was discussed and will be held at Mel and Margie's the afternoon of May 3rd at 3:00 P.M. (Same afternoon as May business meeting.)

4. Field Day (June 28 and 29) will be held at Bonita Lakes at the pavilion on the hill on the west side of the Lakes. Rigs and antennas will be needed. Food committee is being headed up by Deb (KD5JYJ), Brenda (KD5JYK), and Donna (KD5GWM). Covered dishes, drinks, and condiments can be coordinated with any member of the food committee. Club will pay for some of the expenses and the hat will be passed as well.

5. Field Day operation will consist of two main stations - CW and voice. Also, GOTA station, voice repeater station, and possibly packet.

Meeting closed at l0:28 A.M.


This month's favorite web site

 Because of the recent storms and flooding in our area

Jackson, Mississippi Radar Loop by: Intellicast

Jimmie Rodgers Special Event Station

It has been determined that there is enough interest from local operators to setup a special event station during the Jimmie Rodgers Festival. It was a lot of fun last year. If you would like to help please let Jim (W5ED) or Mel (N5JCG) know as soon as possible. Operation will begin at 1800 (2300 UTC) on May 9th and end at 1800 (2300 UTC) May 10th from the Caboose of the Memorial Train next to the Jimmie Rodgers museum in the Highland Park area of Meridian, MS.

Hi Everybody,

Will meet with the Jimmie Rogers Board of Directors again on Monday, 28 April. This is mostly a formality but a necessary one. I have been led to believe that they are really interested in having us do our thing from the caboose again on 9 & 10 May.

Limber up yore lips, gargle with the best swamp water you can find, rub horse liniment on your thumb and index finger, remove the corrosion from between the contacts on your key and come on down to the caboose and operate with us.

Lets make this special event operation better than the first one. I promise I will stay out of the emergency room.

Jim, W5ED


I hope someone will benefit from my mistake. My Icom-737 has been back to Icom twice in the last year. I just got it back last week and it died right away.

The first time was last year when I brought it home from Field Day. When I turned it on, it came on briefly and died completely, blowing an internal fuse.

The second time was when I brought it home from a demo for the students in our Technician class. Again it worked briefly, but this time the audio went out, blowing a receive integrated circuit.

The third time was when I just got it back from Icom. It worked briefly and then died completely, like my first problem.

I think I've found the culprit and it's not the radio. The problem seems to be that DARN DIN plug on the cable going to my TNC. The ground wire had come unsoldered and was "loose" inside the plug with all the other wires. The radio accessory jacks have pins for audio, ground, voltage, etc., which explains why I experienced different problems, varying from audio loss to completely dead, when the loose wire came into contact with the other wires each time that the radio was moved. This time I replaced the internal fuse myself. When I say internal, I mean internal. To get to the fuse, I literally had to take the radio apart. A first for me with a "store boughten radio". Bob Ray, K5VVA

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