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 Bible Verse

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God;
and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7 KJV


President's Report

I'll keep it brief. Field Day was a blast. We had lots of local hams and some visitors as well. Thanks to all the folks who stepped up and made it a success.

During his Field Day visit, the ARRL section manager, Malcolm Keown - W5XX invited MARC to host the state's annual "ARRL Day in the Park". At the July meeting we voted to accept the challenge. It will be October 11 at Bonita Lakes Park, the same site as Field Day. Details are still being worked out.

Moving along, please support the joint exercise with the Civil Air Patrol; details will be elsewhere in this newsletter. Things to do this month: Get on the air; try a new mode or band, and HAVE FUN!

Russ, W5RB


Vice President's Comments

Thanks to everyone for making Field day a great day. Thanks to all who provided the good food and the large crowd that participated. Hope all had a good time. WE can have a good crowd at events and I am glad of that. We need to all get involved in anything that the club sponsors. Have a good week and may God bless you all. 73s Joyce KD5TOI


Meridian Civil Air Patrol

There exists within the local area a chance for Amateur Radio Operators to do some good deeds and have a little fun too.

The Meridian Civil Air Patrol Squadron on 26 July 2003 starting at 0800 hours will be conducting a search and rescue exercise. The squadron will be searching for an ELT Beacon, a simulated downed aircraft, and performing a photo mission.

Leading up to that exercise will be some needed training and outfitting. The ground search will include any LEMA members and hams that are interested.

CAP will be conducting a training session for locating the ELT Beacon at 1900 hours on Tuesday, 15 July. This training will be conducted at the Meridian Aviation Building at Key Field. This is a chance for all you fox hunters to hone your skills. If you are interested in the "ELT hunt" on 26 July you should be at this meeting. You may have to construct an antenna and find a radio that will receive on approximately 123 MHz. This is the frequency of the beacon as of now. It may change.

The squadron needs some help in setting up their antennas and possibly their radios around 1100 hours, Saturday, 19 July at that same location. Their antennas have not been used in a while and need to be adjusted and erected. We can have breakfast at the Truck Stop and plan our attack prior to going to that location.

Our goal is not to take over their operation. We will be there to assist them as needed. This is an opportunity to promote our hobby. Every single one of those cadets and adult leaders should be hams.

If you decide to participate please be on your best behavior. W5ED



If you have a LEMA pager and have not attended meetings in the last couple of months and are not using the pager please return it to the LEMA director. He has people that need the pagers. W5ED


Tropical Storms

The tropical storms have already started and there is a good possibility that some will head our way this year. Now is the time to get ready. Storm spotters need to be in the field and able to operate when they are needed. The best place to operate is where you happen to be. W5ED


Field Day Results

We had 229 contacts that can be counted for Field Day. The total score has not been tabulated as of this date. Pictures must be checked and all the information must be checked prior to submission. If you have a copy of any mention of Field Day on the TV or in the paper please get me a copy ASAP. We need that for our entry. W5ED


sponsored by the USS Cassin Young Radio Club

Well now that the the new year has started lets put aside July 19th and 20th 2003 for this years Museum Ships Special Event. The operating time will be from July 19th 0001Z through 2359Z July 20th The ships listed below will using SSB and CW on various frequencies on all the Amateur HF Bands. For more details visit:


Encouraging Words

Volume 31 by Jimmy Keyton July 2003

I remember one July 4th weekend riding by a local church and looking at their bulletin board and reading their notice of Sunday services. It stated, “Come and join us for our Dependence Day Celebration”. It was supposed to have said “ Come and join us for our Independence Day Celebration”. Someone had made a mistake, but it caused me to think how appropriate celebrating Dependence Day would be for a Christian church.

We depend upon God in all things. We understand that all good things come from Him. We realize that we are very inadequate in out own sufficiency but that His grace is sufficient in all matters. What a wonderful mistake someone made at that church! Isn’t it just like God to turn our mistakes into blessings? He loves us so much and continually proves it in so many ways.

In order to have a good relationship with God we have to trust Him. We trust Him in all areas of our lives. It’s not easy giving up our own will and becoming dependent on God for all things. We want to do it ourselves. After all, He did give us a brain and expects us to use it, didn’t He? We need to stand on our own two feet and use our intelligence to make our way in life. I’ll bet that you have heard that before!! It’s the best formula for failure that I know. To have victory in our lives we must submit our will to God and give Him control of our lives. We must trust his guidance and follow His will and not our own. He loves us and always knows what is best for us!

You are so very special and God has blessed you with so many talents. If you will give Him the control over your life, He will lead you into a victorious life. God will help you with your burdens and can make your dreams come true. He has wonderful plans for your life! I guess I’m advising you to not be so independent, but be dependent on Him in all things. May He bless your dependence upon Him. Trusting God starts with accepting His plan of salvation. He sent His son, Jesus to die on a cross to give us salvation. We can’t earn it. We only have to accept His sacrifice. We repent, ask forgiveness and are baptized and we are saved! Don’t trust in your own righteousness, Trust in God and you will be victorious!!

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