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President's Report

OK, I really WILL keep it brief this month The October meeting has been moved a week earlier, to avoid conflict with the SET on October 4th. We'll make final plans for the ARRL Day in the Park at Bonita Lakes and do whatever other business needs doing on the 27th of September. I'll be out of town for the SET, but I urge members to contact Donna, KD5GWM or Michael, N5VWS for details on how to help in this exercise. It'll take place between 0800 and 1100 local time October 4th, on the 40 meter band, primarily.

Day in the Park promises to be a fun one, with attendees from all over Mississippi. Thanks to the membership for stepping up and doing what it takes to host this one. See this month's QST or the MARC website for details.

Speaking of stepping up.... it's nearly election time. We need to nominate officers during the November meeting and have elections in December. So, if you're interested in serving or have a friend you want to draft, make your plans early.

I'll close with a gift idea for the holidays; how 'bout giving or asking for an ARRL membership for a year? It's not cheap, but it IS reasonable, and members get QST magazine and a LOT of benefits. See the website for details.

Now... let's be sure we call every ham we know and be sure they're personally invited to Day in the Park. See you all there. W5RB


Vice President’s Comments

I think that fall is finally in the air. We have several events coming up this next month and I hope that everyone will get involved. I know that we will all have a good time and see people that we have not seen since the Jackson hamfest.

Please remember that our business meeting will be Saturday, September 27, 2003, due to a conflict the first Saturday in October. The meeting will begin at 10:00.

Wayne is home and doing pretty good. Thanks to all of you for thinking of him. Please remember Mrs. Margie; hope she will get home soon. Just remember that it takes all to have a good club, not just one person. May God bless you all. Remember God loves you and so do I. Joyce KD5TOI


 2003 Section Emergency Test (SET)

The Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Texas ARRL Sections will conduct a joint Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on October 4th beginning at 0800 on 7285 KHz (tactical) and 7280 KHz (health/welfare) lasting until approximately 1100. Note that the SET may last past 1100 depending on the tactical and health/welfare (H/W) traffic volume. The focus of the SET will be to (a) practice communications for a large area emergency event that would impact the Gulf South; (b) to coordinate with local and state emergency response agencies; and (c) to provide an opportunity for ARES and NTS to practice together in supporting an emergency event.

The Mississippi SET Scenario scripts for the past five years have been "close hold" meaning that very few participants knew exactly what would happen. This year we will take a different twist. Everybody will know what is going on at the state level.

District Emergency Coordinators and Emergency Coordinators will develop their own district/local scripts in step with the movement of the simulated emergency. The only secrets will be what the DEC/EC hatch up in their scenarios. All of the action on 7285 (tactical) and 7280 (H/W) (and locally on 2 Meters) will largely be dependent on what the DEC/ECs have cooked up.


Hosted by the Meridian Amateur Radio Club

Saturday, October 11, 2003 starting at 9 AM until

 Bonita Lakes Coot Crossing Pavilion, Meridian, MS

Click here to see map



Saturday, October 11, 2003


9 AM until


Bonita Lakes in Meridian, MS (see map)

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs provided

Start serving at 11 AM

Tailgating and Door Prizes

9 AM until

Guest Speakers and Proclamation by Mayor

Time to be announced


146.700 / -600 (no tone)

You are invited to bring a covered dish

optional and not required

Point of Contact: President of MARC - Russell Brown, W5RB or call: (601) 934-2816



If you are a LEMA member and have been inactive for more than ninety days the LEMA Director would like you to turn in your LEMA pager so that they can be reissued to people that need the pagers. W5ED



We had 231 contacts that can be counted for Field Day. We scored 480 points for contacts made and 500 points for setup and operations. This is unofficial of course and we will have to wait and see what they allow us when they publish the results in QST. W5ED



The Meridian Civil Air Patrol Squadron, LEMA S&R, and some of our local HAMS participated in a search and rescue exercise on 26 July 2003. The exercise kicked off at about 0830 and we searched for an ELT Beacon, a simulated downed aircraft, with the CAP Squadron performing a photo mission after conclusion of the S&R portion of the exercise.

Prior to the exercise several members received training in the use of ELT locating receivers. Bill (KB5ASR), Doug (KD5GBQ), Tom (KC5NMB), Russell (W5RB), and Jim (W5ED) helped to set up a portable antenna and test their radios prior to the exercise. These two functions were necessary to insure the exercise had a chance of success.

Three ground search teams went into the field; KD5GBQ was on Team One and KC5NMB was on Team Two, the third team consisted of CAP Cadets and adult leaders. The CAP also had one team airborne. Tyler (KD5MUC) manned the CAP radio at the operation center in the hanger on Key Field. Donna (KD5GWM), Michael (N5VWS), and Bill (KB5ASR) manned the radios at the LEMA Operation Center in downtown Meridian.

Bad readings early in the exercise caused the search teams to get a slow start but all three teams did find the ELT Beacon. Poor communications made it tough at times to get messages to and from the field teams. This was expected and was managed well by the two operations centers.

Lack of proper training caused some problems, we found out that we need more training with the ELT finders, a better communications system needs to be worked out, and we need better maps and the training to use them properly.

Overall the exercise was a success. CAP Officers and the LEMA Director were both impressed with our ability to communicate and put qualified people into the field. All the LEMA search team members enjoyed themselves and all expressed a sincere desire to do another exercise ASAP. The HAMS participating expressed a desire for more training and a position swap (so they can see what the other members did) and another exercise soon. The CAP folks indicated that they had several exercises (going to be held outside Lauderdale County) coming up in the next few months and would like to see us participate.

One learns by doing; we did, we learned.


ARRL News: September 10, 2003

Louisiana Purchase special event set: The Benton Amateur Radio Society (BARS) and the Arkansas ARRL Section will sponsor a special event station to commemorate the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. Special event station W5P will operate October 6-15, 2003. The ARRL Arkansas Section Web site has full details.


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