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President's Report

First, an update on the Thursday night business meeting that was held on March 3rd. We had a total of 13 in attendance. This was 4 more than what was in attendance during the February meeting that was held on Saturday morning. I personally liked that we had a room to ourselves and were able to close the door if the noise outside got too loud. Last month's door prize was a dinner for (1) at LaFamilia Restaurant. The door prize winner was CP Crimm, W5OQY. Congratulations CP.

--- Important --- I received a call today from Hope Simmons, RN with the Mississippi State Department of Health. She found my name by doing a search on the Internet and came across the W5FQ.ORG web site. Hope is responsible for the 9 county areas: Clark, Kemper, Neshoba, Newton, Jasper, Leake, Lauderdale, Smith, and Scott. She is looking for a Communications Chief as well as amateur radio volunteers that are willing to help out in the event of an emergency in any of these counties.

Communications Chief?

Purpose: To organize and direct all aspects relating to the Communications Section, including internal and external communications, and to act as custodian of all logged / documented communications. This section involves technical aspects of communications.

Qualifications: Excellent organizational skills. Skilled at oral, written, computer, and Local Area Network (LAN) / radio communications. Skilled at working with people at all levels. Knowledgeable of all dispensing site operations.

Ms Simmons will be present at our April 7th meeting to provide additional information and a training presentation on SNS (Strategic National Stockpile). With this presentation, we all can be better informed. Please try to attend.

With that said, the meeting for April will be held on Thursday, April 7th at the Western Sizzlin located on North Frontage Road. We decided to EAT prior to the meeting. We will start eating at 7 PM. After everyone finishes his or her dinner we will try to begin our business portion of the meeting around 7:30 PM. This time we will meet in the LARGE room towards the back of the restaurant. This month will offer a door prize as well. Hope to see YOU there. Please remember, this will not change our Saturday morning coffee and breakfast at Queen City Truck Stop.

Donna, KD5GWM was elected as your new Vice President.

Be sure to register for the door prize to be given away Thursday evening, April 7th. Have a great month.

73, Darrell W5MAV

Chunky Repeater Project

This is a note to let everyone know how the "linking project" is going and where it is right now. The project's final plans calls for a 2mtr repeater to be placed at Chunky, MS 1 mile north of the interstate at the Chunky Exit. There are two 500ft towers at this site and permission has been given to place an antenna at the 400ft level of one of these towers. The towers are on a ridge 500ft above sea level.

This repeater will be on the old repeater frequency of Forest, MS (147.390-). It should give HT coverage over most of Newton and Lauderdale counties with mobile and base coverage easily throughout Newton, Lauderdale, Clarke, Kemper, Neshoba, and Jasper counties. It will be permanently linked to the Pelahatchie, MS repeater thru a 220mhz hub, which is now being constructed north of Laurel. These repeaters will give coverage of 100 miles wide across the whole state of MS. Repeaters south of us will be able to link in through 220mhz hub and repeaters north and south of Jackson will link in through a hub around the Jackson area.

Once the 220 hub is complete, construction of the Chunky site will begin. Jeff Corkren (w5ppb) in Raymond has most all the equipment needed for the project. Only one or two pieces are still needed. The main thing Jeff needs is some support from us folks here in the East Central Miss Area. He has been given a price of $700.00 from a commercial tower crew to hang the Antenna at the 400ft level at Chunky.

I've told Jeff that we as a group will help him out on this expense. It is not fair and just plain not right for him to cover this cost when all of us will benefit from it. This is what we've all been wanting and waiting for. Nothing comes FREE!! When Jeff gets ready for this project I hope all of us can contribute to the cause. Everyone can give a little!!! I feel we can raise half of it for him if not more, maybe all of the $700.00.

Everyone will be notified when the time comes. Get your pocketbooks & purses ready!

TNX & 73, Dennis ki5fw


Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 07:39:11 EST
From: rodscrib@
Subject: Seriously ill new teenage ham...

Nate Robertson took the ham radio license course last fall at the high school in Thomaston, Maine and is licensed as KB1LXO. A few weeks later he was diagnosed with cancer and has been hospitalized since then -

What can I do, you ask to help him and his family?

1. Send him a QSL card.

Nate Robertson K1LXO
Barbara Bush Children's Hospital
22 Bramhall Street Room 636
Portland, ME 04102-3175

2. Connect to his web page and check his condition and leave a message at his online guest book.

Thanks for any QSL cards and web messages you can send. He and his family will be deeply appreciative.

73 Rod, KA1RFD

The HAMmurabi Net

We received an invitation to join the Hammurabi Net. The HAMmurabi Net consists of American amateur radio operators based in Iraq. They are military, civilian, and contractors who are communicating with each other and with the world via Ham Radio. They meet on the air Tuesday nights at 1500 UTC on 40 meters at 7048 MHz LSB. New American Iraqi hams are welcome to join them.

Upcoming Event

The Clay and Lowndes County Mississippi Amateur Radio clubs are holding a "Trade Day" on the second Saturday in April. We have reserved an absolutely excellent covered pavilion located at the Mossy Oak Outlet Mall in West Point. This is a large mall located right on the highway with plenty of parking, restrooms, power, and also some very nice stores to visit. The Clay Co. Club held a trade day here a few years ago and enjoyed excellent attendance so we decided to go in partners with the Lowndes club and make this thing even bigger and better. It is really an informal, small hamfest with free tables, (bring your own if you can) and tailgating! We will have food and a couple of very nice prizes to give away too...

Come join us for a day of fun, food, trading, and visiting with friends. To learn more about us, visit our website at

Have a great month


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