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President's Report

The door prize winner during the April business meeting was Ryan. Congratulations Ryan. Our next monthly business meeting for May will be held on Thursday, May 5th at the Western Sizzlin located on North Frontage Road. We will start eating at 7 PM. After everyone finishes his or her dinner we will try to begin our business portion of the meeting around 7:30 PM. We will meet in the LARGE room towards the back of the restaurant. Hope to see YOU there. Please remember, this will not change our Saturday morning coffee and breakfast at Queen City Truck Stop.

>>> Saturday May 7th we will have a fish fry at the home of Darrell & Debbie Hover. We plan to start cooking around 4 PM. I have bass, white perch, and catfish. If you plan on attending, please contact Debbie or Darrell. Everyone is invited. Please bring your lawn chairs.

73, Darrell W5MAV


Upcoming Events

Dayton Hamvention - May 20 - 22

Field Day - June 25-26

Email Bag

Since April 8, 2005 the Deep South 2 Meter SSB Net has been QRV each night at 8:30pm on 144.240 USB. Net Control is Charlie, AD5TH in EM52kn (near Union, MS).

All are invited to check-in. We have an active roster of 23 ssb ops. Please pass the word in your region. Net control has a good signal into Meridian, MS. 73 / DX Charlie - AD5TH

Repeater Progress Report

Message From: Jeff Corkren

Hi Everybody! I thought it would be a good time to send a progress report on the repeater work being done here in Central Mississippi. There is a lot of work going on right now. If you have any repeater news then please submit it so we can all be aware of the progress being made around the state. Jeff Corkren/W5PPB

- JARC (W5PFC) New 6-meter (53.47) & APRS antennas/cable are installed and waiting for equipment to be connected. Both systems should be operational very soon. The antennas are co-located on a tower about three miles SE of Raymond, MS. Both antennas are at the 580 ft level. The 6-meter antenna is a modified decibel products model DB212-3 and is mounted on the north leg. The APRS antenna is a decibel products model DB224E and is mounted on the southeast leg.

- AA5SG New 220 MHz. hub repeater (224.48) located about 15 miles NW of Laurel near Gitano, MS. The antenna/cable were installed last week. The antenna is an Antenex 4-bay folded dipole and is mounted at the 380 ft. level with a heading in the NW direction. The repeater will be on the air in about 90 days. It's a Hamtronics with a four can Wacom duplexer. Ellisville (145.23), Chunky (147.39) & Pelahatchie (147.24) will be connected thru this 220 hub.
- AA5SG Upgrade to current South Ellisville repeater (145.23). A new DB224E along with 700 ft. of 7/8 heliax was delivered to the site this week. Current antenna height is 200 feet, future antenna height of 650 feet with a SW heading. The new equipment will be installed soon so be listening for it. Repeater is a GE MASTR II.

- W5PPB Upgrade to Pelahatchie repeater (147.24). A back up repeater will be put in place in the next couple of weeks so that the current repeater can come to the shop for an upgrade. The upgrade includes a frequency change, a new Arcom multiport controller, and a Micor receiver. The reason for the change of frequency is due to the paging interference, which occurs with some receivers while listening to the 24 frequency. I will be installing a pair of 220 MHz yagi antennas at the 185 ft. level, which will be used for connecting to the AA5SG 220 hub in Gitano, MS. I will also be installing a 440 MHz yagi antenna at the 75 ft level for connecting to the Raymond UHF hub repeater (441.700).

- W5PPB New UHF hub repeater (441.70) The repeater is co-located with the JARC 6-meter and APRS. A new Cellwave PD200 receive antenna has been installed at the 600 ft level with a SE heading. The transmit antenna type is unknown at this point but it will have a SE heading from the 540 ft. level. The new repeater is currently in production and upon completion will be mounted on the tower platform at 500 ft. Motorola GM300's are being used for this repeater. The current UHF hub repeater (441.70), which also uses GM300's, will remain intact as a backup repeater. It's located one mile SE of Raymond, MS on the WJTV-TV tower at a height of 415 ft.

- W5PPB Upgrade to Sharon repeater (145.45). The same repeater setup will be used here as Pelahatchie. One difference >>> Due to the intermod & interference at this site I will be using a Wacom six can duplexer rather than a four can. I hope to rectify the antenna/cable problem next month while a tower crew is at the site working on another system. I have very high reflected power and the coverage of the repeater is very limited at this time. If I find that the antenna or cable is bad then I will replace as needed. This is a very good repeater when it's working properly but it has been sick for a while. I have a UHF yagi at the 160 ft level for connecting to the Raymond UHF hub. A second UHF yagi will be installed at the 350 ft level for connecting to the proposed Stewart 2-meter repeater.

- W5PPB New Vicksburg UHF link (446.40/441.40). This link will connect the Raymond UHF hub to the Louisiana link system repeater (145.35) in Holly Ridge, LA. It will be connected during severe weather. Approval from the tower owner was granted in January and coordination is in progress. The tower work is scheduled for next week. A UHF corner reflector will be installed at the 150 ft. level and pointed at the Holly Ridge, LA tower. A UHF corner reflector will be installed at the 70 ft level and pointed at the Raymond UHF hub. The link equipment is under construction and should be operable in June 2005. The tower site is located 10 miles south of Vicksburg on the east side of highway 61 south.

- W5PPB New Chunky repeater (147.39). The purpose of this repeater is to allow stations in east MS and west AL access to the Jackson area. This repeater will be linked full time via the Gitano 220 hub to the Pelahatchie (147.24) repeater. The frequency is coordinated and the 440 ft. level on the tower has been granted. I will be using 1 5/8 inch foam cable and a DB224E antenna with a NE heading. A 220 yagi will be located at the 125 ft level and pointed at the Gitano 220 hub. The repeater equipment will be a duplicate of the Pelahatchie & Sharon repeater. I'm standardizing. I hope to have this repeater on line by fall 2005.

- W5PPB Proposed Stewart, MS 2-meter repeater. The Stewart site is located about 20 miles east of Winona, MS. The purpose of this repeater is to allow stations along the Hwy 82 corridor between Winona & Columbus access to the Jackson area. Mobile coverage should be about 50 miles in all directions. This will include the cities of Starkville, Greenwood, Durant, Grenada, Okolona, Aberdeen, Louisville, Kosciusko, Philadelphia, etc. Base stations in Columbus, Tupelo, Batesville, etc. should be able to work this repeater. I was granted permission last week to install a DB224E antenna at the 650 ft. level along with a UHF yagi for linking to Sharon (145.45). I will also be installing a 440 yagi at 150 feet, which will allow linking to the Starkville UHF repeater (444.75) as needed. Estimated construction date is spring 2006.

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