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President's Report

We had a good turn out at our May 5th business meeting and even a better turn out for the fish fry on May 7th. Both events were informative and full of laughs. Thank all of you that attended.

Even though I considered the Thursday night business meeting "trial" a success, it was voted that we go back to the "1st Saturday of the month" morning meetings. Our next monthly business meeting will be Saturday June 4th at the Queen City Truck Stop located on North Frontage Road. We will try to start at 10 AM.

The 2005 Annual MARC Fish Fry was held on the seventh day of May at the home of Darrell & Debbie Hover (W5MAV & KD5JYJ). There was a total of 20 plus in attendance. WB5GUD performed a very unusual balancing act while trying to light up one of the fish cookers. I only wish we would have captured it on video. There was some interest in having another fish fry this fall, so if all goes well with the fisherman :0) we can make this a reality as well.

Thank you Bill (KB5ASR) and Debbie for providing the tables and chairs. Thank you Chris and Chad Hover, Tom Ford, CP Crimm, and Dusty White for catching and cleaning the fish. Thanks to these guys we had a nice assortment of catfish, bass, white perch, and red fish. A special thank you to Chris Hover for doing all of the cooking. Thank you Michael (N5VWS) and Patricia (N5ZSK) for the freedom fries. Thank you Jim (W5ED) and Brenda (KD5JYK) for the wonderful coleslaw. Thank you Fred (WB5GUD) for the pecan pie delicacies. Thank you Dan (KD5JLG) for providing the soft drinks. Thank everyone for your attendance and making this event a success. We had a great time and did not hear a single complaint. Pictures have been posted on the MARC web site.

Field Day 2005 is rapidly approaching. Setup will begin June 25th, Saturday morning around 8 AM, with operations for score starting at 1 PM. Location will be the same as the past three years --- "Coot's Crossing" Pavilion #2 at Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian. Talk-in will be on the W5FQ repeater (146.700). See map below.

The committee would very much like to hear from everyone interested in setting up and tearing down our Field Day setup. I hope we will have lots of volunteers, as this always seems to fall upon a very select few. Listed below is currently what the Field Day committee has reported to me. I hope I have not left anyone out?

  • Ronnie (KB5DKW) will provide equipment to operate a CW / QRP setup.
  • Bill (KB5ASR) will provide a 2-meter and packet display along with a Honda generator.
  • C.P. (W5OQY) will provide coax.
  • Jim (W5ED) will provide an HF rig and tuner, batteries, a set of long wires, a Hy-Gain 18AVBT-WB, and possibly equipment to work RTTY.
  • Charlie (KB5SZJ) will provide a solar panel and a tuner if needed.
  • Debbie (KD5JYJ) is heading up the details on the food. Hamburgers and hot dogs seem to be less work overall, so we will again need a couple of volunteers to help with the cooking. Serving time will be around 5 PM on Saturday evening June 25th. As in years past, many of you have brought along a dessert. This has always worked out well and many of us will appreciate you doing so again this year. Please keep in mind that this only a suggestion and not a requirement.

We hope to see all of the MARC members and encourage you to invite a friend. Non-member hams from the area are always welcome to come operate with us as well. If you want to find out what else may be needed or have any other questions, please contact Charlie (click here to email Charlie) or Russell (click here to email Russell) as soon as possible

Field Day T-shirts and Pins that were ordered have arrived and will be available for distribution at our business meeting Saturday, June 4th. Total cost of the T-shirts came to $15.70 each and Pins cost $5 each. Please pay these amounts to Debbie (KD5JYJ).

Hurricane Season 2005 officially began on the first of June. All of the major news networks and several universities are reporting that this season could be worse than the average. Last year, I found that I was not very well prepared. I did not have extra flashlight batteries or Coleman lantern fuel on hand. My 2-meter HT would not transmit from inside the house and there was no battery to connect my 2-meter mobile. This year we are better prepared, but one never knows what may come about. Please prepare yourself ahead of time in the event that bad weather enters our area. N5VWS does a very good job of reading weather bulletins. Please try to check in with the ARES weather nets and help others out whenever possible.

Hope to see you all at Field Day on June 25th & 26th.

73, Darrell W5MAV

Map to Field Day 2005

Coot's Crossing Pavilion #2 at Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian.


The ARRL Letter Vol. 24, No. 21 May 27, 2005

The FCC Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB) is launching the Consumer Information Registry, an expanded and improved e-mail service that will deliver customized information about the FCC's actions and related developments in telecommunications and other communications services.

"The Registry is an Internet database that can be customized to deliver information on whatever topics the subscriber chooses," the FCC said in a news release this week. Among the many choices are "Amateur Radio and Related Interests" and "Ham Radio." The topic checklist also includes Broadcast TV and Cable TV, but subscribers can also specify topics not on the list.

Acting CGB Chief Monica Desai says the FCC is "delighted to be able to offer this valuable tool to everyone interested in communications issues." She says FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin has expressed an interest in ensuring that consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of the best communications system in the world. "I believe the Consumer Information Registry has the potential to play an important role in achieving that goal," she added.

The sign-up information is on the FCC CGB Web site: Subscribers will be asked to indicate the subjects on which they wish to receive information. The service is free, and subscribers may unsubscribe at any time. -FCC


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