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 President’s Comments

Good to see everyone Sat morning. It has been a bad month for me. To the doctor once and to the emergency room with a 3 day stay in the Hospital. But I'm getting better every day now. Had severe stomach pains.

Sorry to hear Wes and Howard’s wives are real sick. Hope they have a speedy recovery.

Fish fry at Mel & Margie’s on Saturday, April 13 beginning at 3 PM. Hope everyone can come.

Next Business meeting will be 27 April at truck stop.

The Hamfest in Bhm will be the first weekend in May. Hope all a good month and see you on the airways.

73's CP W5OQY

Vice President’s Comments

During the March business meeting CP did a nice job teaching us about the “Airport Instrument Landing System”. I’m sure all that were in attendance learned a lot. Very interesting and sophisticated stuff. Thanks CP.

CP has already mentioned that the MARC Annual Fish Fry will be held this Saturday beginning at 3 PM. Hope to see some faces that we have not been seeing. You are all invited for food and fellowship. Please call Mel at 485-7802 for directions and to see what else needs to be furnished.

Please note that the Birmingham Ham Fest is on May 4th and 5th, therefore the May meeting will be held on April 27. I’m pretty sure that Field Day will dominate this meeting, so I hope we have a better attendance than we had at this months meeting.

The club’s web site traffic has picked up since we added the new domain name. Finding our club web site is now as simple as typing in your browsers address bar. Your input - articles, suggestions, pictures, anything related to HAM radio that you think will benefit the club’s presence on the World Wide Web would be greatly appreciated.

Have a GREAT DAY everyday! May God bless each of you.

73, Darrell - W5MAV

Secretary Report 

Minutes of April 6, 2002 business meeting

1. Fish Fry to be held at Mel's the evening of April 13th beginning at 3:00 P.M. The ladies are to bring a dish. Also needed are paper plates, napkins. Inquire on the repeater for any last minute items.

2. Motion made and carried concerning Community Day at Bonita Lakes Mall. Plans are pending April 20, 2002. Participation will depend on club tables being set up outside for antennas and ac power. Follow up will be announced on the Tuesday evening 2-meter net.

3. Motion made and failed for club to donate $50 to Arno Mills (KC5BCO) to help defray costs with the Pelahatchie repeater. Instead, the hat was passed and club members donated $50 to give to Mr. Arno.

4. May 4, 2002 club business meeting will be moved back to April 27, 2002 due to Birmingham hamfest on May 4.

5. Motions were made and approved to send flowers to Carolyn, wife of Wes Coombs (KC5OJS) and to Virginia, wife of Howard Ward (W5UTL).

6. Proposal to operate special event station for Jimmy Rodgers Memorial Festival on May 11 from the train in Highland Park was presented. Arrangements are pending and will be discussed further at April 27 meeting.

Treasurer Report

We now have a total of 41 paid members. If you would like a copy of the membership list please email Deb or visit the club web page.

Please bring your 2002 dues to the Queen City Truck stop on Saturday mornings or mail them to the address below. Have a great month! 73, KD5JYJ

c/o Debbie Hover
11785 Nancy Drive
Collinsville, MS 39325

Meridian Amateur Radio Club supports
Johnathan Mars Benefit Fund Raiser

Lauderdale County Agricultural Center
Highway 19 South, Meridian, MS

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Jonathan Mars is a young man that is battling cancer. As everyone knows, medical bills in general are expensive and for treatment of cancer are phenomenal. Thus, the Jonathan Mars fund raiser. This was the third year for Jonathan and the club was invited to attend this years event.

Preparation started early Saturday morning at 30 degrees. No not antenna angle, AIR temperature. Not to worry though, as the unloading of the tables , chairs, and equipment, not to mention the hot biscuits 'n' sausage (compliments of N5JCG) things soon warmed up. It really didn't take long to get set up and start making contacts and greeting people. John Ziller was the first to grab a contact on CW. It wasn't long before he had several contacts and six different states. We also made SSB contacts throughout the USA and even made a contact with DL1CMB, a fellow amateur in Germany.

There were lots of activities and food around. The sun was bright and the afternoon warmed up considerably. We met new people and visited with old friends. We may have sparked an old ham of 45 years in ham radio to get back on the air after being off the air for 10 years. Good deal huh? Mike, N5VWS took some real nice pictures and a good time was had by all that attended. There were 13 members and several visitors, including K5UYP, Tom Wilson the 10 year absentee.

A special thanks for the folks that helped with the antennas and equipment handling. N5ODV, KB5ASR, KI5FW, KD5QIQ, and WD5HLD. The event would not have happened without your help. KUDOS. Other members in attendance were: WA5EE, W5MAV, KD5JYJ, KD5GWM ( and RYAN ), W5OQY, KD5PBJ, and KD5PBI. Total time of the event was about 8 hours. It was good to see all that came by.

I would imagine our next event will produce a much larger attendance as it will be our Annual Fish Fry. Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm can't hardly wait. Until next time fellow amateurs this is N5JCG sayin' 73 'n' CUL ditditditdahditdah SK )

Pictures can be found on the club web page at

New Radio Club

Reprinted with premission: by K5VVA


Doug Scallions, KD5FUO, and Bob Ray, K5VVA, are starting a new radio club in Columbus. This will be an exclusive group and only highly qualified individuals need apply. All prospective members must pass the qualifying test below. Give yourself 1 point for each "No" answer.

1. Have you been to a club meeting within the last year? No___ Yes____

2. Have you been to a hamfest within the last year? No___ Yes____

3. Did you participate in Field Day last year? No___ Yes____

4. If eligible, have you upgraded your license within the last 1- 2 years? No___ Yes___

5. Did you get out of the house and provide communications during last year's storm emergency? No__ Yes___

6. Did you attend last year's Christmas Party? No___ Yes____

7. Have you attended at least one of the Saturday morning breakfasts? No___Yes___

8. Do you receive at least one nationally circulated ham radio related publication? No___ Yes____

9. Have you ever served as an officer in the LoCoARC or other area club? No_____ Yes____

10. In the last year, have you encouraged someone to become a ham or assisted him/her to get a license or helped a new ham set up his/her station? No___ Yes___ (This is a bonus question. Give yourself 3 points for a "no" answer.)

The name of this exclusive group is "I Don't Care and I Ain't Doing Nothing". If your score is 9 -12, you are club officer material. A score of 7-8 makes you a highly desirable candidate for club membership. A score of 5-7 is marginal but acceptable. Scores of 1-4 need not apply.

Home Phone: 601 679-5668

To: Supporters of these Amateur Radio Repeaters
146.970- ki5fw/R (pl 100hz) 444.500+ w5lrg/R

Dear Supporters of the Lauderdale Repeater Group,

Again a big "THANK YOU" goes to each one of you for all the support that you have given to LRG now for almost five years. Ever since the 146.970 repeater first went up on the Q-101 tower in 1997, moving it to the Marion water tower in 1998 and placing the 444.500 repeater on the air early in the summer of 1999, a little time and a lot of expense has gone into building and getting these repeaters up and going.

In 1997 it took approximately $1625.00 to put 97 on the Q-101 tower. This included the cost of the repeater, duplexer, antenna, feed line, climber and misc. cables and connectors. When we had to relocate in the fall of 1998, it took approx. $825.00 to get it back on the air. This included insurance, donation to Marion Fire Dept. ($100), new dual band antenna, amp, climber, battery charger and misc. cables and connectors.

Early in the summer of 1999 the 444.500/R was put on the air. In the latter part of that summer a Doug Hall 2 meter linking system was purchased and added to this UHF repeater. It has taken again approx. $1220.00 to get this system operating.

A little over a year ago a different machine was placed on 146.970. This machine is working great. Even though it didn’t cost as much as a new repeater it did take roughly $330.00 dollars to get it on the air. $90 fer the radio, $20 fer the cable, $160 fer the controller and $60 fer the decoder board.

Also a few months ago a hamtronics VHF TX exciter board was installed at a cost of $200. As of this letter being written a new Astron 35 amp power supply ($150) is on the way. The Astron 20 just will not quite tote the load. A steady draw of 16-17 amps is just to much fer it.

Recently the controller and Doug Hall RB-1 from the UHF 444.500/rptr has been put on the VHF 146.970/Rptr allowing linking to different repeaters. There was not enough people with 440 capabilities to utilize the link in bad WX conditions. Now more people will be able to take advantage of this feature.

WE are not begging , BUT!!! the annual insurance rate of $325.00 is due and again I would like to make a contribution to the Marion Fire Dept. to let the City of Marion know how much we appreciate them allowing us to use the water tower as a repeater site. Again this year we will split the cost of the insurance with the Meridian Amateur Radio Club. Each group will pay $162.50 each towards one policy to cover each group and keep us from sending in $650.00 for two separate policies.

As we speak we have a spare VHF repeater w/ controller ready to go on the air if the one in use goes down.

Hopefully by the end of this year we will have another rptr up and going either on the Newton/Lauderdale County line at 900 ft above sea level or in the northwest part of Lauderdale County between 1000-1200 ft above sea level. Rest assured that we will try. All it takes is a lot of effort and a little money.

Many thanks to the HAMS that has supported LRG in the past. If you feel like you would like to continue to support LRG thru the year 2002, contributions can be mailed to the address in above letterhead. If you know of someone who would want out help please ask them to do so.

Tnx and 73 to each of you,
Dennis Carpenter KI5FW

Alabama State Convention
Birmingham ARC

4-5 May 2002

Glenn Glass, KE4YZK
8368 Country Circle
Pinson, AL 35126
Phone: 205-681-5019

Have a great month 

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