In Memory of our SILENT KEY Friends

CW Key

This page needs your help. A few years before he became a Silent Key, Mr. Donald Thomas, WD5HLD made the suggestion that we needed a page on the web site for our Silent Keys. I agreed and Don sent me a list of names to get started with and that was about all I accomplished. With his passing, I have lost a lot of history that he could have shared. With your help, I hope we can make Don's wish come true. If you have an interesting story or pictures about any Silent Key from our area, please pass it along to me at:


Andy Totter - WA4GYH

Artis Carlie Elliott Jr. K5BFN

Bill Thurner - KA5ZWW

Billy Anderson

Bill Robinson - KB5ASR

Bunk Moore - KA5NVM

Cleo Pete Davis - KA5TQV

Clyde Beaver - W5OKP

Charlie Waggener -KA5BEL

Dale Crenshaw - K5TIB

Dan Cunningham - NJ5R

Dennis Smith - N5HGN

Doc Ray - W5CUU

Don Gordon - NO5D

Donald Thomas - WD5HLD

Ed Schafer - WB5NHI

George Abel - KD5WVQ

George McDonald - W5NIW

Harold Owen Grissom - K5IJW

Howard Ward - W5UTL

Homer Webb - NM5B

Horace Clark - KA5QVU


Jack Hairston - W5EMM

James Rodney Miles - KC5BCQ

Jerome Cohn - W5AFA

Joe Harrington - W5DNS

John Davis - W5DEJ

John Ethridge - W5YCS

John Ziller - N5ODV

Lawerence Swistik - KD5PBJ

Martha Harrington - N5JPY

Michael Haurbor - N5VWS

Mike Parker - KA5ZOP

Norval Tinsley - W5OSA

Ralph Lewis - N5HUX

Ralph Moore - W5CPO

Ray Rushing - W5CVY

Rocky Blier

Paul Wallace - WA5LZG

Ronnie Grayson - KB5DKW

Russell Brown - W5RB

Thomas “Buddy” Crane, Sr - WD5DX

Wayne Thompson - KD5TOJ

Wesley Combs - KC5OJS

Willard Williams - K5MOH

Wilfred Goforth - WB5GUD